GBA Video Run on Gameboy Player codes. (Action Replay V3)

GBA Video Title (m) - Master Code
Sonic X - Volume 1 8179DB48 C1342378
Sponge Bob Square Pants - Volume 1 ED605B11 32D2D2F8
DAC6A163 2B980A23
Sponge Bob Square Pants - Volume 2 ED605B11 32D2D2F8
B8AAF2FF 2E327657
Dora the Explorer - Volume 1 ED605B11 32D2D2F8
13D6DA2C 1CD46D4B
Fairly Odd Parents - Volume 1 33894207 5607ACDB
81C31120 7B023CF0
Fairly Odd Parents - Volume 2 33894207 5607ACDB
668806F5 6C11C7D8
Strawberry Shortcake - Volume 1 10AD13AB 7A0F5549
309D887F 4E654987
All Grown Up - Volume 1 BCA5692D D1F81F07
5761D52D 5798C409
Nicktoons Collection - Volume 1 D7F51460 C010CB76
ACB0B8F2 D5BA3597

Run on Gameboy Player (All GBA Videos)
F7E66278 D85F65EC

These GBA Videos, I am lacking a good dump of . (They have been patched by their releasers, to provide GB Player compatibility, which unfortunately, overwrites the same area of code, that these action replay codes latch onto for the master code. As such, I am not able to verify that I have the right offset, and I am not willing to guess on that offset.)

These GBA Videos have yet to be dumped.  (and whoever does decide to dump and release these, please release an unmodified dump, as I have a modified emulator for the purpose of hacking these videos. (one that makes it think it is running on a Gameboy Player)).

The way these GBA video paks know that they are running on the gameboy player, is by following these steps.

  1. Load the Gameboy Player Logo data into VRAM.
  2. Load the Correct Pallete into VRAM
  3. Read 0x4000130 about 10 or so times. (The Gamepad input register.)
  4. If it returns All four directional buttons as being pressed at the same time. (Which is normally impossible to do, unless your control pad is broken, or you have taken it apart.), then the Gameboy Player has been detected, and Gameboy Player enhanced features such as rumble can be used.  For the GBA Video paks, all they do, is lock up into an infinite loop if the gameboy player is detected.

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