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Questions I have either been asked, or am anticipating on being asked.

Also Read Neill's Frequently asked Nonsense page as well.

1. Tempo or looping is wrong in some songs *

2. Okay, here's a list. game_title, game_title, game_title, Metal Gear Solid, game_title, and game_title. Now, I'm not REQUESTING that you rip these, I'm just saying, they're... you know... they're cool games, man. *

2.1 Does that mean you will do them *

3. I want to rip game title, but the guides out there (Neill's Mini howto) confuses me. *

3.1 What about using PSF-o-Cycle

3.2 Can you teach me *

4. Minipsfs/minipsf2s are cool, when will game title be converted to minipsf/minipsf2. *

4.1 Minipsfs/minipsf2s are not working for me. will you convert game title to psf/psf2 for me?

5. OMG, game_title is on your TODO list! Where can I get it? Why isn't it on the mirrors yet? *

* - Questions from Neill's frequently asked nonsense page, that I have been asked as well. (some questions modified slightly).  I answered most of these questions similar to how neill would answer them, but most of them not exactly.