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PSF Mirror


Highly Experimental v2.05 (supports PSF2 as well as PSF)

PSF Size PSF by Driver
Intro's / Cracktro's  ----- ----- -----
PSF2 ----- ----- -----
Alundra 5MB BootGod Original
Beyond the Beyond 886KB CaitSith2 Original
Breath of Fire 3 ** 22.1MB Neill Corlett Original
Breath of Fire 4 ** 12.7MB Neill Corlett Original, guessed reverb
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 230KB Kode54 Generic SEQ player, no reverb

Chocobo Dungeon 2

9.9MB CaitSith2 Original
Chocobo Racing 4.4MB CaitSith2 Original
Chrono Cross ** 17.5MB Vincent "Yaz0r" Hamm Original
Final Fantasy 1 (from FF Origins) ** 12.5MB Neill Corlett Original
Final Fantasy 2 (from FF Origins) 5.21MB Neill Corlett FF9
Final Fantasy 4 (FF Chronicles)  86MB CaitSith2 Generic PSF2 streaming driver
Final Fantasy 5 (from FF Anthology) 429KB CaitSith2 Original, guessed reverb depth
Final Fantasy 7 828KB Neill Corlett Original
Final Fantasy 8  (minipsf) ** 11.7MB Neill Corlett Original
Final Fantasy 9 ** 24.5MB Neill Corlett Original
Final Fantasy Tactics 680KB Neill Corlett Original
Front Mission 2 ** 8.88MB zoopd Original
Front Mission 3 ** 11.4MB zoopd Original
Legend of Legaia 7.37MB someone42 Original
Legend of Mana (updated) 9.62MB Neill Corlett Original
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete 8.40MB CaitSith2 Original
Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete 7.95MB CaitSith2 Original Driver
Megaman 8 (updated) 2.94MB Neill Corlett Original
Parasite Eve ** 5.54MB zoopd Original
Persona 2 * ** 12.5MB CaitSith2 Original
RPG Maker 3.23MB CaitSith2 Original
SaGa Frontier 556KB Project Akao Original (as far as I know)
Star Ocean: Second Story 4.04MB Neill Corlett, CaitSith2, Zoopd Original
Strikers 1945 616KB Neill Corlett Original
Suikoden 2 ** 12MB Neill Corlett Original
Tactics Ogre 776KB CaitSith2 Original
Tales of Destiny 613KB CaitSith2 Original
Tales of Eternia (Tales of Destiny 2) 1,013KB CaitSith2 Original Driver
Tales of Phantasia 798KB CaitSith2 Original
Valkyrie Profile 4.11MB Neill Corlett, CaitSith2, Zoopd Original
Xenogears ** 13.1MB Vincent "Yaz0r" Hamm Original

* - While all the psfs in the set are ripped from the Eternal Punishment CD, A good number of these are Innocent Sin tracks. (lazy programmers)

** - Files Offline.  Try the other mirrors listed at psf central

you will need winrar to extract some of the archives.

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