Snes Headphone Jack Modification

Side View of the Actual SNES with a head phone jack.

Snes with headphones plugged in.

Disclaimer - I take no liability for any damage you might cause to your snes system, by performing this modification.  All modifications are done at your own risk.  If you have not used a soldering iron before, I suggest you get someone who is more experienced to perform the modification.

Parts Needed to perform the modification.

Tools Needed

Steps to Follow

  1. Turn SNES upside down
  2. Remove the Six screws holding the snes together
  3. Turn SNES right side up
  4. Remove Cover

At this stage, You can determine if it will be possible to add a headphone jack to your snes.  The only way this is possible, is if you see a module to the top left, something like this.

  1. What you want to do next is remove the metal shielding from that module to expose the connector pins.

  1. Looking at this picture, ** You want to solder the wires to the 2 pins, and the grounding point.  The wires coming from the 2 pins should each go into a resistor before going to the 3 conductor jack.  Ground is basically anything that touches the metal shielding inside the snes.
  2. After soldering everything in place, drill a hole in the side of the case, and secure the headphone jack in place (this is where the hot glue gun, or some other adhesive is useful.
  3. Now would be a good idea to make sure the modification is working, before you put the snes back together.
  4. If everything is working, put the snes back together, in reverse sequence, that you followed to take it apart. ("I hope you remember where all those screws went?")

If everything is working, congratulations for adding a headphone jack to your snes.

In the future, I will be adding in a volume control. Details on how to add one in will come, when I do add one in.  The pictures that were taken with a digital camera, were taken with my Polaroid Digital 320.  I plan on retaking the pictures with a better quality camera sometime in the future.


** - If your absolutely lacking resistors, then go ahead and use the diodes in the configuration shown in the picture.  but do try and use resistors if you can.

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