Snes Cart Programmer Schematics. 

(Seems this hand drawn schematic refuses to die. It was found in the wayback machine Here)

I do have the original zsnesboard flash cart topic, that has all the details used to build this.
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Part List for Programmer

Optional protection circuit (only if you will be messing with your power supply, or are using a multiple output power supply.  If you will be using a constant 5 volt power supply, and you have triple checked the output, or you build your power supply directly into the programmer, you won't need this optional protection circuit)

Part List for Power Supply


My built Cart Dumper (Finally was able to produce a digital picture. (Aug. 28, 2002))

4MBit Cart I will be using for my flash cart.  Currently has the HyperZone Rom chip plugged in to the socket right now, but this is what I will use for my dev cart. The hole was cut into the case so that the cart board would fit.  The cart will fit into the snes as is, without any need to take its cover off.

snes dev cart.jpg (536399 bytes)


48Mbit Flash cart to come, (when neviksti designs it)

Update, current design.



*  If you plan on using the microcontroller in anything else, a ZIF type socket is highly recommended, as this device will program the  AT90S8535 microcontrollers.

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